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Winning Strategy of Stock Picks

Market Trend and Our Strategy to Pick Our Next Big Winners

July 25 , 2009

Market keeps its non-stopping run. It is still one week away to end the trading for the month of July, but the S&P 500 already made a 6.52% gain so far this month. There should be no doubt that market will have a five consecutive monthly gains from March, 2009. See the table below:

The main reason for the runs are the improved cooperation earnings. So far there are 12% of S&P 500 companies reported their earnings. 90% were better than expected. Of course, we cannot say that the earnings are solid. Many include the gains from their one-time items. However most of the stocks still made good runs after earning reports as market had very low expectations on their results. Small surprises will be enough for the runs.

Looking forward, we expect that the market's recent run will continue.

Of course, the most important for us is looking for good stock to own not to look for market direction. The followings will be our six criteria to pick our next big winners:

  1. Current stock price is under $5.00
  2. Average daily trading volume is above one million shares.
  3. The stock was traded above $50 in 2007-2008 period.
  4. The company made a turnaround earning report: turned from a loss into a profit.
  5. The earnings should be sustainable.
  6. No bankruptcy is insight for the company.

Please remember, we will own the stock only when all the six conditions are met. If we find out any such stocks, it is very possible that a one dollar stock may become a ten dollar stock with two-three years.

If you missed the previous round of big runs from BAC, C, ZION, TEN, TRW, CAR, SAH, DDRX, STEC, etc, now is another rare chance to pick up the next 10-baggers.


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