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Super Star Pick of the Day - SANM

December 07, 2009

SANM - Sanmina-SCI Corp

SANM is one of the major printed circuit board maker. The company was hit hard during recession. The stock fell as low as $1.25 in March 2009. In its recent quarter report, the company made a small profit. The key is its future projection. During its conference call, the company made a very bullish future earnings projection. Its earnings could reach to $1.20 - $1.50 per share next year. The stock closed at $9.50 today, a new year high.

Based on wave theory, we may see its third up wave in the next few month after two up waves followed by a two months of correction. A bullish reverse H&S price pattern further confirmed its momentum. Our near tern target is $14.00. We bought this stock in September and recorded another 100% gainer now.


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