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Yearly ReView of Our Performance

A Good Run for Our Short Term Play

April 14, 2013

Now we have finished one year trial of our Short Term Play. Click Short Term Play Trading Records (2012-2013) to view the complete trading result. If there is any error, please let us know.

The Play gained 355.00% if weekly compounded investment strategy is used. Please refer to our last week's Weekend Update to see how this strategy works. Using this strategy, the money would have grown from $20,000 into $71,002.76 by the end of our trial.

We made a total of 459 round trip trades in the 51 week trial with 295 wins (64.27%), 32 break-even and 132 loses.

Top ten gainers are AAPL +9.63%; ZNGA +7.99%, GNOM +6.97%, VRNG +6.77%, ARNA +6.47%, DANG +6.17%, KBH +5.98%, AONE +5.84%, VRNG +5.83% and AAPL +5.81%. As can be seen, we did not have any trade with more than 10% return.

Top losers are: CEDC -5.00%, DVR -3.29%, DEXO -3.17%, MTOR -3.07%, etc.

We only incurred one big loss during the entire year: an overnight 5% loss on CEDC, the company eventually filed for BK.

Are we satisfied with our result? Not, not at all.

Our 2008-2009 Short Term Portfolio run gave us 950.06% return in 36 weeks. The 497.88% return in our following year run also performed much better than our latest run.

What we are going to do next? We want to do better.

In the next two months, we will test our newly developed algorithm. We will use our own money to test it first. If the result is good, we will use it for the next round of our Short Term Portfolio (or Play) run. In the meantime, we will only provide $5K Portfolio and Core Portfolio service.

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