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"The only way to achieve long term investment success is to have innovative investment strategies. The investment strategy has to keep pace with rapid changes of market conditions. I do not think that there exists a best investment strategy in the world. There are always better strategies ahead of us .Changes we have, success will come."
James Shaw         

The Performance pages we have here include Portfolio Performance, our Service Performance and our performance at MSN Money's Strategy Lab Open tournament in 2007.

We started to provide our service from August 2006. But the Portfolio started far before that date.

1. 2001-2005 The Portfolio all started from the initial $5,250.00 real cash investment back in July 2001 in an IRA account. By using Buy-and-Hold strategy, the money has grown into over $50K by the end of July 2005. The total return for the four year span was +683.86%, equal to an +61.70% annualized return. A total of 29 trades were closed with 25 wins and 4 loses. The longest holding period was 16 months. The complete trading records can be seen in $5K Portfolio 2001 - 2005 Trading Records page. The Portfolio NAV (Net Asset Value) chart during the four year span can be found in $5K Portfolio Return from 2001 to 2005 page.

2. 2005-2006 The decision to provide our educational investment service started on August 2006 after another year of big return for the Portfolio. When we started the service, Portfolio balance was at $112,452.37, a +122.06% run from July 2005 to July 2006.

3. 2006-2007 Our service did well during the first year of its existence. the Portfolio grew into $186,585.70 by the end of July 2007 (paper money since August 2006), another one year +65.92% gain.

4. Our Team in 2007 SLO Our investment strategy up to that time was still Buy-and-Hold and we just finished the first version of our Short Term Trading system. We were looking for an opportunity to test its robustness. Then the 1st MSN Money's Strategy Lab Open tournament announced. It was at the right time and have the right platform for us. We were in the tournament.

After four months run (08/28/2007 - 12/28/2007), our team finished the tournament with +45.88% gain (+55.83% actual return, equal to a +376.22% annualized return) and placed the second among 1,755 competitors. Click to see our complete trading records and our daily NAV changes.

5. 2007-2008 Just after the SLO tournament closed its doors, came to the biggest bear market in US stock market history. We identified the trend change ahead of time by the help from our newly developed investment tools and changed our strategy accordingly.

We closed all of our positions between December 31, 2007 and early January 2008. Hold 100% in cash in the next 30 days in the Portfolio and avoided the first big crash in the market place. We reduced our explore to the US stock market. We only invested about 50% of our cash most of time in 2008.

While we still buy-and-hold stocks, we did many short term trades using our proven Short Term Trading System for the Portfolio. That is, for the whole 2008 year, our Portfolio was run by using two different investment strategies: Buy-and-Hold strategy and our Short Term Trading strategy. As a result, our Portfolio had another year of big run. It gained +71.73% for our 2008 fiscal year while all major indexes suffered sizable loses.

6. Another Trial to Test our Short Term Trading System To further test our Short Term Trading system, we set up a trial Portfolio independent to our Portfolio: Short Term Portfolio. The test started on March 28, 2008 and ended on January 15, 2009. The trial run proved to be highly successful. It gave us a +950.06% return in ten months and S&P 500 lost -36.18% during the same period. The compete trading records and weekly return can be found in our Short Term Portfolio 2008 pages.

7. 2008-2009 The trial success leads us to decide to split our Portfolio into two sub-Portfolios from February 2009: Core Portfolio and Short Term Portfolio. Our Portfolio balance was $424,312.60 at the end of January. We allocated $200k for our Short Term Portfolio (only use half to do the short term trading) and the remaining $224,312.60 goes to the Core Portfolio. By the end of July 2009, the Portfolio balance has grown into $728,778.79, another one year +127.44% gain.

8. 2009-2010 The highlight for this year must be the creation of our third Portfolio: $5K Portfolio. The purpose: we want to start our second try to grow money from $5,000 into $1 million. As many of our new members have only few thousand dollars to invest. We want to help them to realize American dream to have a peaceful retirement life with little money. Another highlight is the break-out of 1 million dollar mark for the Portfolio. After four months into this year, the Portfolio broke out 1 million dollar mark for the first time. By the end of July 2010, the Portfolio finally closed at $1,225,622.79, a +68.17% yearly return.

9. 2012. We started our Short Term Play service on April 2012 for active traders..

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