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I turned into a long-term gold bull once the Fed increased its fund interest rate for the first time in December 2015. In the article published back in 2016, I said that:

History has shown that gold price and Fed fund interest rate are in positive correlation most of the times.
The only time they are in opposite direction is when gold up and Fed fund interest rate down

Gold together with gold miner ETFs VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) and VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) all made another incredible run recently   >> Read More

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If you are do-it-yourself US stock market investors, specially self-directing IRA investors, but are not satisfied with your own investment result or are not satisfied with your current investment advisors, we are here to help you. Read More

We provide a set of timely designed Portfolios, which consist of carefully selected stocks, to you. We believe that those stocks will outperform the market by a big margin in the long run. Our current services provide two Portfolios:
$5K Portfolio
This Portfolio is aimed at small investors, who have only few thousands of dollars to start investing but want to accumulate enough money in the long run for their retirement. Our target is to achieve 60%-plus annualized return and grow the money from $5,000 into $50,000 in four years or less.      Read More
Core Portfolio
The Portfolio will start with $300,000 and we want to grow it into one million dollars in four years or less. The Portfolio will use both Buy-and-Hold and Swing Trade investment strategies and try to achieve 40%-plus annualized return. Read More
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$5K Portfolio
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Currently the service we provide is called Portfolio Plus described as follows:

Portfolio Plus - Users will be able to access our $5K Portfolio and Core Portfolio. Users will also receive our daily and Weekend Newsletters, which gives our view on market directions, sector trend and our analysis on individual stocks. A discounted price of $600 per year will be charged for this service

Our Mission: Highest Service Quality with Lowest Service Fees.

The money you spent on our service is nothing if considering how much the investment return you will have using our service.
We sincerely invite you to try our service.
Before you try, however, please read our "Investment Strategy" to see whether our investment style is good for you. We do not short stocks, we do not buy stocks in margin, we do not buy Pink Sheet and OTOB stocks. Don't expect to get 1,000%+ return from us in a short time. Do expect ups and downs for your money.

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